Sunday, January 10, 2010

What we ate when we got back to Singapore

Here's a menu of what we ate during our first 48 hours back in Singapore, with Kristine and Esme's visit as our excuse.

  • lunch: phad thai and tom yam soup
  • dinner: James's pizza, with kang kong and golden mushrooms
  • breakfast: pork, fish, and vegetarian porridge at Ah Chang
  • snack: dragon fruit and dark chocolate
  • lunch: katong laksa, rojak and lime juice at 328 Katong Laksa (see above)
  • snack: nutella tart and pear tart at Everything but Fries
  • dinner: chilli crab, buns, sauteed kailan with garlic, tiger beer, and fried, stuffed tofu at Jumbo

  • breakfast: Set 1 (kaya toast, eggs, iced kopi) at Toast Box
  • lunch: popiah rolls, roast pork with rice, chwee kueh, carrot cake (savory), pork and red bean buns, and sugar cane juice at Tiong Bahru hawker center (see above)
  • dinner: carrot ginger soup and salad, chez James

See how repentant we were by last night?

1 comment:

SGalf said...

You are probably one of those rare Americans in Singapore who likes the sugar cane drink.