Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nathaniel James: Look who came to town!

It's been an exciting spring since our last update. To say the least, we'd like to officially welcome our first born Nathaniel James to the Morgan & Owens enterprise. May he live long and endure many photoshoots with dear old Mom and Dad.

Favorite travel magazines Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveller UK kept us busy around Singapore over the last few months while Jessie transitioned into a Creative Director/Producer role during her maternity leave. See the new Gardens By The Bay spread out this month with Conde Nast Traveller UK below, look for more in Travel + Leisure, and keep an eye out for what might be our largest feature page-count to date later in fall 2012 (details later!)

We also enjoyed new clients Credit Suisse and even appreciated getting our first full-sized bus-painted advertisement for a Singaporean University!

But while our busy shooting schedule had us focusing on Singapore in big ways, Jessie's academic work drew our gaze toward our next adventure! We will be leaving Singapore at the end of July after three fantastic years to base out of Boston for a year while she works on her early-American research projects and is a guest colleague at Wellesley College. More on that in our next post!