Monday, April 27, 2009

City Art

It's hard to believe that a 55 degree day back in March was an excuse for an outdoor art tour, but we find something special about touring city art in the winter. Remember when it snowed on Christo and Jean-Claude's "Gates" in Central Park? We took a Saturday walk around downtown and spent a little time gazing and grazing, following a short list of new and old public art.

"Group of Four Trees" (Jean Dubuffet
) at the base of the Chase building, financial district, which we followed with Financiers at a little bakery nearby. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of bankers coming in to work on a Saturday.

Picasso sculpture, "Portrait of Sylvette," at Silver Towers, the faculty housing at
NYU, which should take better care of it's treasures!
On the way there we ran into a college roommate on Bleeker Street, whom we haven't seen in 12 years.

Here's the "Balloon Flower" piece by Jeff Koons, right next to the entrance to the Path at the WTC.
Here is what you do with it: