Monday, January 24, 2011

Recipe Binder, now available

If you had the pleasure of eating chez James on Henry Street, you'll know I have kept up an extensive collection of recipes to keep him curious and cooking! That scrapbook, a record of what we made there for you in those good years, fell apart. So in order to preserve the memories these recipes contain, I've scanned every page and had them rebound on Blurb.

You might have seen advance copies at Katie's or Gram's or Mom's house at Christmas time. You can order your own if you like! There's several ways to make a Chocolate Chip Cookie inside, and James's vegetarian chilli, and some recipes you've shared with us. Don't hesitate to let us know your favorites!


Anonymous said...

Jessie I LOVE the cookbook!! I read and re-read it! In my 'collection' of cookbooks this is my favorite! Thank you for putting it together. I remember so fondly your kitchen in Brooklyn--and the delicious meals there with you and James. I love having the photo of that tiny kitchen! I love you-- James too! Gram

Robin said...


Jessie said...

Thanks everyone! I hope you find some use for it!