Friday, November 14, 2008

Print Sale!

Our portfolios change several times a year, to showcase our new work. We have four books of 40 pages each, and every couple of months, James spends a few days in the darkroom cooking up fresh images to show our clients. But we sigh that when a new picture goes in, and old favorite has to come out.

After four years of making pictures, we pulled box after box of prints off of the shelf, and found we had a seven inch tall stack of beautiful, archival prints stashed away! You'll notice some of these pictures still appear in our portfolio, but we discovered that we had more copies that we can use.

We saved one of each for ourselves and now we want to offer the rest of them to you at cost for $40 each. We have two or three copies of about 50 images available in 11x14. We will package and ship them off to you at no additional cost. We can even price having them framed and shipped by our local frameshop. Here's a taste:

We will be pleased as punch to see these pictures going out to their new homes!

We will launch a temporary online storefront where you can see and purchase pictures, just in case you want to add a little Morgan & Owens to your holiday shopping list. Keep an eye on this space announcing the opening day of the print sale, coming soon!

And as always, if there's a picture you love but don't see here, let us know by email and we'll print one up for you.

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Kent said...

Awesome! I only have a little contact sheet of yours. I need something bigger if I am to complete my collection of my friends' arts. I wait with baited breath and broken bones.