Saturday, September 6, 2008

Upper Michigan

We missed the August issue of Travel + Leisure on the newsstands because we were shooting for T+L in Greece! But Wendy was kind enough to send it over on her busy last week at the magazine. So here you are, for us a blast from the past, our story on a tiny spit of land, the Keeweenaw Penisula, that juts into Lake Superior.

Our favorite memories from this trip are represented by these two photos. The clouds zip in and out of the sky at a trippy stop-action speed. Lake Superior is so large it creates its own weather. And the five monks who live at the Society of St. John's Poor Rock Abbey Jampot make the most divine wild strawberry jam. They bake breads and hunt for wild strawberries and make jams--even while fasting--even in the snow--and are by far the most joyous subjects I've yet to encounter.

PS: The Jampot has an online shop! Just a taste: here's what you get in Seasonal Selection #1: "Contains twelve jars, one each of Wild Thimbleberry, Wild Blueberry, Blackberry-Cherry, Apricot-Raspberry, Brandied Peach, and Black Cherry Jams; of Wild Apple- Chokecherry, Wild Crabapple, Pear-Cinnamon, Dandelion, and Wild Sugarplum Jellies; and of Grape Butter." $60.00

Tearsheets are bigger on the website!

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