Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Orleans

We're back, and we've just finished our laundry! And the captioning/editing should be all done by tomorrow. I wanted to keep you all updated from the road, but we decided that since the writers, especially the lovely Eleni Gage, had done such a good job researching and living these locations, to talk too much about them here would be an injustice, and of course, show up my miserable lack of editorial skills.

When we got back from Greece at Newark we stopped by home, dropped off our film, spent the night with our cats and turned right around and went to New Orleans for a cover shoot with Budget Travel. We had a great time comparing sweat patterns with the Amys while scouting, shooting, and eating eating eating. Our old friend Celeste helped out on set, we got to see Kat on her 35th birthday, and saw my brother as he left his home there for a new one in Belgium. Andy said with a big grin when he joined us at lunch at Cochon that I was "there in New Orleans when he got there and there when he left," "I've just been keeping it warm for you," he said, awhhhh (he's been doing a good job: it's got to be 100 degrees there).

It was funny being back in New Orleans again. It's been since New Year's 2007 since we've been back, and well, it's home only in the nostalgic, genealogical, and expositional tenses. To know us you have to know we're from there, but after eight years, I'm from New York too. I've almost lost the accent and become accustomed to the speed of life here in the Big City, but not enough far gone not to sigh and admire the easy place we're from.

We ran into people too: old bosses, classmates (shout out to Dick and Jenny's now run by Leigh Peters from photojournalism school and is just so fantastic), and got to hang with Leslie Parr and Ralph Adamo, our photo-mentor and favorite poet.

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